Urevo Walkingpad U1 Fitness Walking Machine 2 in 1 Ultra Thin Smart Treadmill, black,child lock, foldable

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      • Urevo U1 walking machine is not only practical in function, The light and thin volume is also convenient for daily storage, Moreover, multiple guarantees also add more comprehensive safety performance to the walking machine. 
      • Even if you stay indoors, you can integrate sports into your life. Therefore, no matter your friends who like sports or your friends who are keen on fat reduction and body shaping, take advantage of our fragmented time to refuse sub-health and choose Urevo U1 so that the whole family can walk at any time. 
      • The Urevo U1 uses an independently developed patented one-piece frame body, which can be used after unpacking and plugging in, eliminating the complex steps of installation; the 5-layer diamond composite grain running belt simulates an athletic plastic track, and the motor is the same type of professional motor used in treadmills, so you can enjoy the gym in your own home. When the machine starts, the screen in front can clearly display speed, calories, mileage, time and other exercise data. 
      • When resting the screen, the LED HD display is integrated with the panel. It has a maximum speed of 6km/h, comparable to a treadmill, so you can enjoy the feeling of running in the gym at home. 
      • The whole family can use it in the morning after waking up, after meals, after sitting for a long time, catching up on a drama and other leisure time. 
      • Wireless handheld remote control, big button operation, no need to look down to check when adjusting. 
      • Whether it is a treadmill or a walking machine, one of the most worrying problems when using it is that the noise is too loud, for fear of disturbing other people. 
      • The internal spare parts of the Youqi walking machine are integrated to a certain extent, which can effectively reduce the resonance generated during the movement, greatly reduce the noise, and do not have to worry about affecting family members and neighbors during the fast walking movement.

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